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-Novel Debut-

“Across the Blue Ridge Mountains paints a picture of the life and times in the Blue Ridge Mountains just before the coming of Shenandoah National Park like no other book I’ve read. It transports me there with accurate details in an immersive saga.”

--Sue Eisenfeld,

Author of Shenandoah: A Story of Conservation and Betrayal


"An ambitious, important and beautifully written first novel by a gifted new writer. Maggie Marangione deeply knows the  Virginia mountain towns she writes of and the hard lives within. In Mary Dodson, she has created a clear voiced, brave and unforgettable heroine equal to the myriad challenges she faces. I read this book in blazing gulps, and thought about it for days after I finished the last page."

--Tom Barbash, author of The Dakota Winters

Across the Blue Ridge Mountains was published by Moonshine Cove Publishing in August 2022 and is  available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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M.S.  Marangione was recently interviewed for local podcast X2 Comedy Virginia is for Laughers.

“Discover the inspiration behind the novel’s main character Mary and learn about ‘her world’. Get the author's more in depth personal take on the woven complexity of life’s unwanted circumstances and how sharing their stories can bring healing from the impact on these families.”

Feel the impact of storytelling in this week's episode! Join us for an enlightening and delightful discussion with M.S. Marangione on her book, Across the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hear what brought this New York native to Virginia and how she developed a curiosity for these displaced families, learn about In her research and its challenges, and discover the inspiration behind the novel’s main character Mary.

All this and more in Episode 84 - out now wherever you listen.


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